digital asset management

My culminating project for graduate school, the Professional Experience and Project (PEP), or Capstone, was creating a set of workflows with the University of Texas Libraries’ Alexander Architectural Archive to manage their digitized and born-digital material.  I also worked to implement a set file structure and directory system to help normalize how records are ingested and preserved.  To accompany the structures, I produced a set of organizational workflows, training material, and documentation. The PEP was completed from January 2014-May 2014.

iSchool Website’s PEP Definition

Below are some of the workflows developed over the course of the semester.  Workflows were based on a previous graduate student’s needs assessment, and were developed through testing these recommendations across several types of digital assets.  All of the workflows are meant to provide the staff at the Alexander Architectural Archive methods for managing their digital assets within the UT institutional infrastructure. I also created internal infrastructure by collaborating across the UT Libraries departments, and training material for providing access through UT’s Digital Repository (UTDR).

revised born digital workflow