video tutorials

Recently, I had the opportunity to utilize my skills as an instructional designer in my role as Reference & Instruction Librarian at the California Institute of the Arts. Below are two examples of my work creating instructional videos to help users navigate complex information. These videos were made primarily in Camtasia.

Below are some more examples of learning objects I created. These were for EMCC Library as Outreach & Instruction Librarian. Software used includes Camtasia, Powtoons, Canva, Powerpoint, Wideo, Abelton Live and Pixlr. They are hosted on EMCC Library’s website, powered by Libguides.

For more videos, see EMCC Library’s YouTube Channel. In addition to the videos’s displayed here, my videos are “Finding Articles”, “Accessing your Math Textbook”, “Learning Express Library”, and “Create Your Works Cited Page Using Noodletools”.

Online learning objects serve many different purposes. While video tutorials work well for learning concepts, tutorials that are static in nature are best for point of need tool based tutorials.  For more, see EMCC Library’s SlideShare channel.