peer coaching

What started as part a project for the my Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design program has become a really meaningful … More

instructional design

The Role of Citations in Research: Full Project Here. I designed this module help learners understand how academics sustain discourse … More

digital asset management

My culminating project for graduate school, the Professional Experience and Project (PEP), or Capstone, was creating a set of workflows with the … More

grant writing

  Management of Preservation Programs was a graduate course at the iSchool focused on how to generate funding for project based … More

information design

Part of my graduate school education revolved around how to effectively communicate information across a wide variety of mediums.  Specifically, … More

audio preservation

In addition to understanding methods for preserving audio recordings, I have hands on experience reformatting tape and vinyl records.  I … More

appraisal & selection of records

Appraisal and selection focuses critically on the following themes: what is the traditional theoretical basis for appraisal of archival materials, both records … More

archival enterprises

Along with two other team-members, I acted as a project archivist for the Chicana Research and Learning Center Records at … More

managing electronic records

I worked with a group to create a Business Management Plan for the Alexander Architectural Archive.  This plan, which we … More

database management

Working in a team, I developed a database from the ground up.  I was one of four members of a … More